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Hello and WELCOME!  After 20+ years helping business owners in a variety of industries; including service, manufacturing, construction, and more (from St. John's Nfld. to Victoria B.C.) with business start up/ bookkeeping/ financial statements/ tax preparation and best practice consulting/reporting to help grow their businesses; we know that every business is as unique as you are..Hour Accounting Service programs are designed to provide you with the services you need...not to pay for services you don't..

We offer 'Flat Fee' Packages & Hourly rates  = Great Deal for YOU!   ...We're here to help...Contact us today!!

Let us put your business finances on 'the cloud'  so you can access your company's financial activity any time from anywhere AND

Save $$$ too!

Cloud based financial software is convenient and cost effective..

Let your accounting team work from home while 'being there' with them..OR

Would you prefer to do your own bookkeeping? We will show you how 

= reduced costs for you...

Need a better grasp on how your business is actually doing?

Access your books and bank activity from your phone QBO app or laptop from  wherever you are...

Tired of administration time being used to write payroll cheques? 

We can look after your payroll and provide you with a 'direct deposit' option

...Take a look at 'OUR SERVICES' and...


1.  turn that 'pile of paper' into financial statements you can understand.

2. retrieve your tax slips electronically, when we prepare & e-file your personal taxes (including sole proprietorships) 

3. with preparation and e-filing of your personal taxes (T1s & applicable schedules)

4. with corporate e-file services (refer "Our Services")

5. to provide enhanced security of documents you send to us, when you use our web site mail service: " e-courier"

6. with greater flexibility and time saving; by converting your books from desktop to 'cloud based'. We will ensure your Balance Sheet accounts are reconciled too...

7. to ensure you have the tools and information you need to save time for you and your clients =.Grow your business....

*Military Family & First Responder discounts*


Thinking of starting a business?? or Not sure??

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Registration required via this web site 'mail' or direct email to: [email protected]

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    Include a copy of your donation receipt (any                               amount)

Registration feeDONATION TO Your choice of: 

                        any Military Family Resource Centre

                        &/or a Veteran Advocacy Group 

Note: If there are not enough folks registered for the class day you choose, you will be contacted to reschedule*


Our Services


QBO / Sage


Software conversion

Monthly, Quarterly, Annual bookkeeping

Government reporting/e-filing: GST/HST/PST/WCB/Payroll remittance

Bank /Account reconciliations

Bookkeeping review and adjustments

Payroll -QBO (includes direct deposit option)

**Note* Bookkeeping services available Canada wide


NTR Financial statements 

 Balance Sheet

             Income Statement & Cash Flow

*Monthly/Quarterly/Annual reporting

*CRA (GST/HST/Payroll & Corp tax) account creation and reconciliation* 

Prepare & E-File: 

Personal tax - including Sole Proprietors

T5018 / T4A

T4 Preparation & E-filing



New Business - start up 

**Note* Accounting services available Canada wide


Is STARTING A NEW BUSINESS the right decision for you??

Let's consider your options together

Start with a great foundation upon which to build...stay focused & cost effective; ethical & honest...Access web sites that will give you the information you need to succeed ie 

1. Canada.ca  2. Provincial Gov. -Business

3. BIZPAL.ca

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